Friday, October 31, 2008

Tanjung Sepat

Tanjung Sepat located in Selangor. Now this place is famous for red dragon fruit, oyster mushroom farm and bun @ pao. Is only one hour plus to go Tanjung Sepat from Petaling Jaya. The easiest way to Tanjung Sepat is to take the KLIA way. Head towards Sepang, follow the sign to Sepang F1 Circuit.

Direction :-
a. head to sepang via KLIA road
b. then go towards Sepang F1 Circuit
c. u will see the F1 circuit on your right hand side, at traffic light, turn right
d. then follow all the way straight
e. u will pass by Sepang Goldcoast
f. after that u will see a traffic light, turn right. Cos turn left will lead u to Port Dickson
g. then go straight, less than 5 mins, you will see a dragon fruit farm on your right hand side. U should visit this dragon fruit farm. The place is known as Multi Rich Pitaya. Per kg is RM8 to RM10 depends on the size of the fruit.

After visiting the dragon fruit farm, you can head to the mushroom farm known as Vita Agrotech. Follow the signboard to Tanjung Sepat, once you reach the town centre, you can see a temple on your right hand side, turn in and go all the way straight to go to Vita Agrotech Mushroom Farm. Follow the sign to Baywatch or lover's bridge, the mushroom farm is just next to it.

You can buy oyster mushroom for 3 packets @ 500gm at RM10. Really cheap. You can also try their white fungus drink and per bottle is RM2. You can walk around the farm and at the end there is a bridge....this is not lover's bridge. Lover's bridge is just opposite. You can take very nice picture from here.

After mushroom farm, you can go for coffee at the famous PAO coffee shop in Tanjung Sepat known as Hai Zew Hin. Is really unbeliavable those people queuing up to buy the pao. Their famous pao is mui choy pao @ dried vegetable, peanut bun, bun with meat and egg, red bean paste bun. We love the peanut bun. Those people comes in bus load and their orders per person is like 20-80 pao to take away. Even the Hong Kong Food Connoisseur- TOH TOH also goes there twice.

How to find the Pao place?
You just need to look for Lorong 4, turn in when you see an electrical shop at the corner or Kian Heng Restaurant (refer to the picture). The coffee shop is a corner shop name as Hai Zew Hin.

You can also buy the local coffee at Joo Fa Trading, No.356 Lorong 5, Jalan Besar. Which is one row behind the pao store. If you get lost, you can contact the shop at 03-19974862.

You can also stay for dinner if you want at Tanjung Sepat for seafood. We did not take our dinner at Tanjung Sepat and instead we drove all the way to Seremban and ate at Seremban Empayar which sells the famous siu pao@ chicken or pork bun. This place is located at Seremban 2. You should try their steam prawns and is only RM15. The food there is quite reasonable.