Saturday, December 29, 2012


We tried to explore the new highway to Sekinchan instead of using the Sungai Buloh road to Kuala Selangor.  Unfortunately we still need to use Sungai Buloh and exit to Ijok. Sigh!! 

We only found the highway after we returned from Sekinchan which is exit from Rawang and there is a turning to left to Kuala Selangor. To reached Kuala Selangor only half an hour.
Sekinchan is famous for padi fields.

We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant, we waited for more than one and half hour due to one of the chef had a minor accident.  Sorry can’t recall the name. It was a famous restaurant for locals.

Mostly home cooked food. We ordered shark meat soup, fried shrimps, fried brinjal, stewed cat fish, fried stingray and their famous deep fried squid  (apparently this squid is with hard bone and no cholesterol according to the chef)  It was worth waiting for the food.  
Fried Shrimps
Stewed cat fish

Stir fried stingray
Boiled shark meat and fish ball soup

Deep fried brinjal
"Similar to Squid" but with hard bone
 The end result from the squid - "deep fried squid"

After lunch, we visited the beach front. We bought a kite at RM15 and the wind was so strong that the kite can easily fly.   There is an old tree house where you can seat at the hammock to relax.


On our way back, we stopped by the Cendol Bakar near Ijok.   We always passed by and were curious what is this cendol bakar.  There is a drive thru lane for you to take-away the cendol.  We tried the normal cendol bakar and durian cendol. The durian cendol is a lot better.
What do you mean by cendol bakar? It is the gula Melaka@sugar which was roasted to give better aroma and taste.

Feel free to explore Sekinchan. Day trip should be sufficient.

Happy New Year 2013

Time flies…ending of 2012 and soon we will usher the New Year. Every year we will look back and we will questioned ourselves, what did we achieve this year?? Isn’t it a common question?

So what’s your new year’s resolution for 2013? Everyone must stay healthy and fit. Money can’t buy health. Also learn to take a break when you know that you are too stressed from work. Work is not everything in life. Spend some time with your loves ones and families.

Yeap, I have not been travelling much this year due to my tight schedule in work.

No worries, I will start planning my holidays and will definitely update with exciting travel information.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!