Friday, March 25, 2011

The Moon Speaks for My Heart - Charity Event

Kasih Foundation is organising an charity event "The Moon Speaks For My Heart", in mandarin known s "yuet liang tai piao wo de sin".  Everyone from age 3- 80 would know how to sing this song which is sang byTeresa Tang.  Time to contribute to the society. Kindly read the synopsis of the charity event!!!

Message from Pearl Thor, General Manager ,Kasih Foundation
Need your support for this foundation fund raising. This concert is at KLPAC on Sunday afternoon and the songs are from Teresa Tang album. Definitely you will enjoy the performance besides your valued contribution to this organization.
Details as follows :
Stage production entitled : The Moon Speaks for My Heart
Date : Sunday 15th May 2011
Time : 3.00pm to 5pm
Venue: KL PAC , off Jalan Ipoh , KL

Ticket Price
RM80 / RM115 / RM150 / RM185 / RM220 / RM255

Synopsis Dama’s production “The Moon Speaks For My Heart” pays tribute to the world acclaimed Chinese songbird of the 1970s-1980s –the legendary Teresa Teng, who despite her early demise remains truly an international icon. Teng’s fame extended across the boundaries of Asia – China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and others – to the Western world. In commemorating Teresa Teng’s musical contribution to the world of entertainment, Dama’s latest concert The Moon Speaks For My Heart showcases her captivating evergreens.

There will be Mandarin, English, Japanese and Indonesian Songs. There will be 3 singers in the programme with Tan Soo Suan heading the cast .

Tel: 03 - 7960 7424
Fax:03 - 7956 6442

Kindly contact Kasih Foundation or visit their web site for more information and to purchase the tickets.