Friday, October 5, 2012

Langkawi , September 2012

We took firefly to Langkawi and at least they will sms you one month before departure to let u know about the flight delay schedule.  Guess everyone is so use with Airasia concept, when the stewardess was giving out complimentary snacks and dirnks, one of the customer ask "how much?". The stewardess said no need, is complimentary. Ha! Ha!

We rent our car at the airport and maybe because is a low period on weekdays, we rented Nissan Sentra for RM220 for 4 days.   We bought Pulau Payar snorkelling trip from Groupon and it was RM90 but at the airport is only RM80.

We stayed at Holiday Villa Beach Resort at Pantai Tengah. All the rooms are non-smoking but when we entered it was so smoky, we request to change room.  We are paying RM370 per nite for tripple shared. The room is not cheap and kinda dissapointed with the services.   The concierge staff are friendly and helpful.

 As usual, most of the hotel room will give you mineral water, coffee and tea bags. Guess what, the so-called 4 star hotel only gives the guest one set of tea bags and coffee for ONE TIME ONLY.   No Mineral Water in the room.  The hotel really cutting cost.
Refer to the below standee at the room which states "Special package for steam sauna & gym at only RM15 per person , only for house guest". The management is trying to adopt "no-frills concept" similar to Air Asia. Ha! Ha! I thought I was staying at Tune Hotel.

We drove to Kuah town to look for food, finally we found a thai restaurant. The food was ok.   The restaurant is near City Bayview and after dinner you can just shop at the duty free shop.

We woke up at 6am in the morning as the pick up to Pulau Payar is at 8am. We took the ferry to Pulau Payar island and journey is around 1 hour. Please remember to bring a shawl or cardigan as it is freezing inside the ferry. There can't lower the temperature. Everyone was freezing!! Even the guys got to cover with towels or even their girl friends shawl..ha!ha!

We arrived at Pulau Payar, at the jetty you can see school of fishes. Then at the beach front, you can see baby shark.  They are no lockers - the so called "lockers" is basket where the crew will look after the basket at the cost of RM20.   Is very nice place and you can just snorkel or just seat around the beach front, you can see the baby shark and fishes.

We visited the Langkawi Aquaria, the entrance fees is at RM28. Worth visiting. We able to see african penguins, rock hopper penguins and lots more.

We decided to go for hotel hopping. So we visited Four Seasons Hotel and had lunch there. Is really beautiful beach at Four Seasons Hotel.

Beach at Four Season Hotel

Pizza - yummy!!

Roast spring chicken with assorted vegetables

 Then we drove to Berjaya hotel and decided to have dinner at Paan Thai Restaurant situated inside Berjaya.   The food was great, the staff was friendly and really nice view.

Paan Thai Restaurant - advance booking is require

We had steamed fish, fried asparagus with prawns, chicken basil leaves soup and steamed seafood with coconut mousse.  The bill came up to RM150.  High recommend this restaurant.
Steamed fish
Chicken soup with basil leaves
Fried asparagus with prawns
Steamed seafood with coconut mousse - highly recommend dish
Performance by Strollers

We finally had our lunch at Wan Thai Restaurant. It is located near Kuah Town, the shop lot is behind KFC.  After you see Hotel Langkasuka on your right hand side, then at traffic light you will see KFC. The restaurant is same row as JJ Bakery. The food was great and the price was reasonable.

Location 80-82, Langkawi Mall, Dundung, Jalan Kelibang,
07000 Kuah, Langkawi.
Enquires & Reservations
Please Call: 04-9661214 & H/P: 012-4308014
Fax: 04-9671214

Overall, we had a great trip besides the hotel experience.