Saturday, December 29, 2012


We tried to explore the new highway to Sekinchan instead of using the Sungai Buloh road to Kuala Selangor.  Unfortunately we still need to use Sungai Buloh and exit to Ijok. Sigh!! 

We only found the highway after we returned from Sekinchan which is exit from Rawang and there is a turning to left to Kuala Selangor. To reached Kuala Selangor only half an hour.
Sekinchan is famous for padi fields.

We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant, we waited for more than one and half hour due to one of the chef had a minor accident.  Sorry can’t recall the name. It was a famous restaurant for locals.

Mostly home cooked food. We ordered shark meat soup, fried shrimps, fried brinjal, stewed cat fish, fried stingray and their famous deep fried squid  (apparently this squid is with hard bone and no cholesterol according to the chef)  It was worth waiting for the food.  
Fried Shrimps
Stewed cat fish

Stir fried stingray
Boiled shark meat and fish ball soup

Deep fried brinjal
"Similar to Squid" but with hard bone
 The end result from the squid - "deep fried squid"

After lunch, we visited the beach front. We bought a kite at RM15 and the wind was so strong that the kite can easily fly.   There is an old tree house where you can seat at the hammock to relax.


On our way back, we stopped by the Cendol Bakar near Ijok.   We always passed by and were curious what is this cendol bakar.  There is a drive thru lane for you to take-away the cendol.  We tried the normal cendol bakar and durian cendol. The durian cendol is a lot better.
What do you mean by cendol bakar? It is the gula Melaka@sugar which was roasted to give better aroma and taste.

Feel free to explore Sekinchan. Day trip should be sufficient.

Happy New Year 2013

Time flies…ending of 2012 and soon we will usher the New Year. Every year we will look back and we will questioned ourselves, what did we achieve this year?? Isn’t it a common question?

So what’s your new year’s resolution for 2013? Everyone must stay healthy and fit. Money can’t buy health. Also learn to take a break when you know that you are too stressed from work. Work is not everything in life. Spend some time with your loves ones and families.

Yeap, I have not been travelling much this year due to my tight schedule in work.

No worries, I will start planning my holidays and will definitely update with exciting travel information.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Langkawi , September 2012

We took firefly to Langkawi and at least they will sms you one month before departure to let u know about the flight delay schedule.  Guess everyone is so use with Airasia concept, when the stewardess was giving out complimentary snacks and dirnks, one of the customer ask "how much?". The stewardess said no need, is complimentary. Ha! Ha!

We rent our car at the airport and maybe because is a low period on weekdays, we rented Nissan Sentra for RM220 for 4 days.   We bought Pulau Payar snorkelling trip from Groupon and it was RM90 but at the airport is only RM80.

We stayed at Holiday Villa Beach Resort at Pantai Tengah. All the rooms are non-smoking but when we entered it was so smoky, we request to change room.  We are paying RM370 per nite for tripple shared. The room is not cheap and kinda dissapointed with the services.   The concierge staff are friendly and helpful.

 As usual, most of the hotel room will give you mineral water, coffee and tea bags. Guess what, the so-called 4 star hotel only gives the guest one set of tea bags and coffee for ONE TIME ONLY.   No Mineral Water in the room.  The hotel really cutting cost.
Refer to the below standee at the room which states "Special package for steam sauna & gym at only RM15 per person , only for house guest". The management is trying to adopt "no-frills concept" similar to Air Asia. Ha! Ha! I thought I was staying at Tune Hotel.

We drove to Kuah town to look for food, finally we found a thai restaurant. The food was ok.   The restaurant is near City Bayview and after dinner you can just shop at the duty free shop.

We woke up at 6am in the morning as the pick up to Pulau Payar is at 8am. We took the ferry to Pulau Payar island and journey is around 1 hour. Please remember to bring a shawl or cardigan as it is freezing inside the ferry. There can't lower the temperature. Everyone was freezing!! Even the guys got to cover with towels or even their girl friends shawl..ha!ha!

We arrived at Pulau Payar, at the jetty you can see school of fishes. Then at the beach front, you can see baby shark.  They are no lockers - the so called "lockers" is basket where the crew will look after the basket at the cost of RM20.   Is very nice place and you can just snorkel or just seat around the beach front, you can see the baby shark and fishes.

We visited the Langkawi Aquaria, the entrance fees is at RM28. Worth visiting. We able to see african penguins, rock hopper penguins and lots more.

We decided to go for hotel hopping. So we visited Four Seasons Hotel and had lunch there. Is really beautiful beach at Four Seasons Hotel.

Beach at Four Season Hotel

Pizza - yummy!!

Roast spring chicken with assorted vegetables

 Then we drove to Berjaya hotel and decided to have dinner at Paan Thai Restaurant situated inside Berjaya.   The food was great, the staff was friendly and really nice view.

Paan Thai Restaurant - advance booking is require

We had steamed fish, fried asparagus with prawns, chicken basil leaves soup and steamed seafood with coconut mousse.  The bill came up to RM150.  High recommend this restaurant.
Steamed fish
Chicken soup with basil leaves
Fried asparagus with prawns
Steamed seafood with coconut mousse - highly recommend dish
Performance by Strollers

We finally had our lunch at Wan Thai Restaurant. It is located near Kuah Town, the shop lot is behind KFC.  After you see Hotel Langkasuka on your right hand side, then at traffic light you will see KFC. The restaurant is same row as JJ Bakery. The food was great and the price was reasonable.

Location 80-82, Langkawi Mall, Dundung, Jalan Kelibang,
07000 Kuah, Langkawi.
Enquires & Reservations
Please Call: 04-9661214 & H/P: 012-4308014
Fax: 04-9671214

Overall, we had a great trip besides the hotel experience.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sunway C'haya Raya Foursquare Check-in contest

Find this contest quite interesting. Just need to check-in using Foursquare at Sunway Resort City. The location to check-in is at the Rainforest fountain opposite Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa. This is the first time company is using foursquare to organize the contest. Something different!!

At the same time, with min spends of RM100 at hotel, shopping mall and lagoon, you get to participate in the contest and win attractive prizes...30 days, 30 winners. Will I be one of the lucky winners??

For more info, can visit to and their fanclub is sunwayworld

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beautiful Street Lighting at Sunway Resort City

Do check out the beautiful show lights at Sunway Resort City. This year show lights features Moroccan theme. You will see vibrant Moroccan lamps and striking six petal desert flowers.
Worth visiting!!

For more info, do check out

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand 2012

Recently went to Bangkok via Air Asia. As for accommodation, I'm still preferred to stay at Novotel Fenix Ploenchit, this is my second time staying at this hotel due to the friendliness of staff and convenient location for shopping.

This time I'm able to go for massage at Urban Retreat. We went for 2 hours massage with herbal ball at RM100. The place is really clean and worth the visit. Urban Retreat is located opposite Terminal 21 shopping mall. Make sure you get the concierge staff from your hotel to help you to make bookings in advance else you will regret it.

We had our lunch at Terminal 21 shopping mall, a lot of variety at their food court and price are cheap. Average is only RM4.50 for rice or noodles. You must check out their washroom as they themed their washroom according to country. Their themes are London, Japan, San Francisco and Morocco. We spend most of the time taking pictures at the washroom. Can you believe that?

Pictures of Terminal 21

Another new attraction is Asiatique, the riverfront. Well, took the sky train to Sapan Taksin station, reach the pier at 7pm. Gosh, it was long queue, everyone was queuing to take the boat ride to Asiatique. We decided to leave cos we don't see any boats at the pier. By the time it reaches our turn, it will take 2 hours. We did not know there is alternative route to Asiatique which you can take a cab directly. Well, those people we approach told us to take boat ride. In future, need to spend more time to do research. ha!ha!

As for shopping, my favorite place to shop is at Central departmental store. You can check out Platinum mall at pratunam, wholesale store and most of the stores does not allow you to try their garment. You can find local food stuff and souvenirs at MBK.

As for food, visited MBK food court but don't like the food there.

I still prefer my favorite restaurant Kim Poona for authentic Thai at Central World.

Dishes recommended are tom yam, grilled cat fish (highly recommended and really miss it), grilled pork neck and fried chicken wings. Yummy!! I can't find the grilled cat fish in Malaysia. Most of the Thai restaurant in Malaysia doesn’t serve cat fish. So sad!!!

yummy grilled cat nice that we got to order 2 fish...ha!ha!
Grilled pork neck meat
Fried chicken wings

Best tom yam soup in town as not so spicy
For more details on where to shop and eat, you can refer to my previous blog under Bangkok trip in 2011. You can check out where to EAT and SHOP.