Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nature Park at Kuala Selangor and Padi field at Sekinchan

We visited the Nature Park at Kuala Selangor on 21st May 2011.  We arrive at the nature park around 8.45am. The first thing we noticed is that the nature's park is lack of maintenance. The signage’s to the park was broken and even the wooden bridge can't be use anymore. We had picnic at one of the booth. We packed nasi lemak, eggs, steamed cocktails and fruits.  Luckily the monjkeTook us two and half hours to complete entire walk. We saw wild monkeys along the way. Visited the mangroves area and saw the male and female crabs and mudskipper.  I don't recommend to visit the nature's park as nothing much to see and a lot of mosquitoes even we use the insect repellent is useless.  

Female Crab which is red in color.
Male crab which is blue in color.
Watch tower.
They don't even have notice to inform the maximum number of people that are allowed to go up.
View from the watch tower.

We saw wild monkeys everywhere. They would not snatch your things or disturb you. Therefore there is no need to be scared.
We completed entire walk at 11.30am and then we head to Kuala Selangor Fishing Village for lunch. We ate at Restaurant Jeti. Eight of us ate and the bill came up to RM192. We had 2 kgs of crabs which cost us RM45 per kg. We had steam crabs and another is salty egg fried crabs. We had salt and pepper deep fried squid, two vegetables, fried kam heong mantis prawn, lala fried mee hoon and lala soup.   The lala soup was disappointing.  Overall the food was not great.   Overall the rating is 2/5. Considering 5 is best.

After lunch, we head up to Sekinchan which is 45 minutes away from Kuala Selangor to visit the padi fields. A lot of couples come here to take their wedding pictures. The scenery was beautiful.
We drove around Sekinchan Fishing Village.

We head to Ijok for beggar chicken at New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant.  You got to order the beggar chicken in advanced.  We had beggar chicken which cost RM42, one plate of vegetable at RM10, sweet and sour crab at RM36 per kg( cheaper than Kuala Selangor and a lot nicer), Fish soup at RM32, Steam Telapia with Thai Style at RM20. Total bill came up to RM155. Overall this place is a lot better than Kuala Selangor.

Beggar Chicken - overall rating 3/5

Sweet and Sour Crab

Fish Soup - overall rating 2/5(too much starch on the fish)

New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant
Ijok, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-3279 1936 or 019 317 3687

Overall we had a great time and visited three fishing village at Kuala Selangor, Sekinchan and Sg Besar near Sabak Bernam.