Monday, December 16, 2013

Borobudur, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Went to Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 7th Dec 2013 via Airasia.  Booked Hotel Tentrem at Agoda for only RM786 per nite inclusive of breakfast for 2 persons. Highly recommend Hotel Tentrem. The staff are friendly, room are huge and quite convenient location. Opposite the hotel you got K-Mart(convenience store), Paris bakery shop and walking distance to Massage centre.

Not recommend to visit Borobudur in the month of December as it rains everyday. Difficult for you to walk around at Maliobolo (so called shopping street). We did not manage to go up to the Bukit Merapi due to heavy rain.

One word advise, always book the hotel spa on your first day. We did not able to use the spa as it was fully booked, so sad. 

We visited Borobudur and the journey from our hotel to Borobudur takes more than one and half hour.  Tips to share: do not buy any souvenirs on your way in to Borobudur.  You will be able to negotiate for better rate when you exit.  They will harass you the moment you walk down from the staircase

We had our lunch at The Grand Duck King at Hotel Tentrem, the food was delicious.

For transportation, do contact Bambang. He is very reliable and good driver cum guide. 

Mariner of Sea, Royal Carribean Cruise

We took the Mariner of Sea on 16th November 2013 via  Klang - Singapore - Klang route for 4 days 3 nights.  We board the ship at Glenn Terminal Klang at 1pm. We head for our lunch at Windjammer Restaurant at Deck 11, there serve buffet. The place is too crowded and difficult to find place to seat.  Food is horrible.

We stay at the promenade room, the room are quite huge with additional sofa.

We enjoyed our dinner serve at Rhapsody Blue at Deck 3, dedicated waiter and proper seating arrangement. Our dinner time is always 5.45pm.  We get to try all types of dessert. 

You can have supper at Promenade cafe and there only drawback is that the menu is the same every day. After 2 days you will be bored with the food.

Only few hours in Singapore therefore is very rush.   We got our passport at 9.30am and we got to return to the cruise before 3.30pm. 

I attended the towel making class, using towel to make animals such as elephant, dog, swan, frog, monkey and etc. Very creative!!

If you have never been on cruise, then you can try. For me, one time is more than enough.

Class - towel making