Monday, March 22, 2010

Thai Fish Farm Restaurant, Hulu Langat, Ampang

Thai Fish Farm Restaurant is located 1km after Ampang Look Out Point.
Once you see Ampang Look Out Point then slow down, there is a right turn where you can see the Thai Fish Farm Restaurant Signage which looks like an arrow. Turn in to the road and drive slowly. The road are quite bumpy. You got to pay RM2 for parking fees. The restaurant opens from 11am till 11pm. I recommend that you go there for lunch rather dinner. At night the road are quite dark and the restaurant is surrounded by the jungle.

The restaurant is next to a fishing pond and is build on woods. Those little huts reminds me of Bandung. 

You can see alot of telapia fish in the pond. Therefore if you order any fish dishes, they will just catch the fish from the pond.

Dishes are not expensive. We ate 10 dishes and only RM210. No government and service tax.
Sorry no pictures for sotong and fried chicken as the photographer is busy eating..ha!ha!

We ate the following dishes :-
1. steam telapia in thai style - RM48, highly recommend cos this fish is really fresh
2. steam japanese shell @ escargo. Steam escargo is tasteless but if you deep the escargo into the steam telapia spicy and sour sauce, it will taste nice.
3. steam lady fingers -this is  my favourite, very fresh lady fingers
4. grill lamb - small plate RM15, we ate two plates cos it was so delicious
5. petai prawns
6. stir fried garlic with lala
7. paku vegetable with belacan
8. fried chicken - this is very nice
9. sotong top with curry and santan - a unique dish and taste good
10. clear tom yam seafood
11. dessert - chendol and the famous thai water chestnut - RM5 per bowl

No need to wait long for the dishes. Better go early before the crowds starts to come in after 1pm.

We always worry about the cleanliness of the rest room and i can tell you the restroom are very clean. Cleaner than the rest room at PJ Fishing Village at Tropicana.

Address : KM4, Jalan Ampang-Hulu Langat, Ampang, 68000 Selangor
Contact : 019-2606493, 012-3634991

Direction :-
1. If coming from Petaling Jaya, take the Duke Highway
2. You exit the duke highway to Jalan Ampang
3. You will see Flamingo hotel on the right
4. Head towards Ampang Point
5. Once you see Ampang Point on your right, drive straight and you will pass by Waterfront and new shop lots.
6. Once you see the signboard to Carefour, at traffic light turn right. You will see carefour on your right.
7. Go straight until at traffic light turn left where you can see the signboard that states Kajang.
8. Go straight all the way until you see Ampang Lookout Point on your right
9. After 1km, slow down and you will see a signboard on your right in the shape of an ARROW and you  turn right into the junction.  Drive down slowly and you reach the restaurant.

Thanks to Wendee for the great map!!!
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  1. And for RM5 you can get stoned with todi (coconut wine) :)