Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand 2012

Recently went to Bangkok via Air Asia. As for accommodation, I'm still preferred to stay at Novotel Fenix Ploenchit, this is my second time staying at this hotel due to the friendliness of staff and convenient location for shopping.

This time I'm able to go for massage at Urban Retreat. We went for 2 hours massage with herbal ball at RM100. The place is really clean and worth the visit. Urban Retreat is located opposite Terminal 21 shopping mall. Make sure you get the concierge staff from your hotel to help you to make bookings in advance else you will regret it.

We had our lunch at Terminal 21 shopping mall, a lot of variety at their food court and price are cheap. Average is only RM4.50 for rice or noodles. You must check out their washroom as they themed their washroom according to country. Their themes are London, Japan, San Francisco and Morocco. We spend most of the time taking pictures at the washroom. Can you believe that?

Pictures of Terminal 21

Another new attraction is Asiatique, the riverfront. Well, took the sky train to Sapan Taksin station, reach the pier at 7pm. Gosh, it was long queue, everyone was queuing to take the boat ride to Asiatique. We decided to leave cos we don't see any boats at the pier. By the time it reaches our turn, it will take 2 hours. We did not know there is alternative route to Asiatique which you can take a cab directly. Well, those people we approach told us to take boat ride. In future, need to spend more time to do research. ha!ha!

As for shopping, my favorite place to shop is at Central departmental store. You can check out Platinum mall at pratunam, wholesale store and most of the stores does not allow you to try their garment. You can find local food stuff and souvenirs at MBK.

As for food, visited MBK food court but don't like the food there.

I still prefer my favorite restaurant Kim Poona for authentic Thai at Central World.

Dishes recommended are tom yam, grilled cat fish (highly recommended and really miss it), grilled pork neck and fried chicken wings. Yummy!! I can't find the grilled cat fish in Malaysia. Most of the Thai restaurant in Malaysia doesn’t serve cat fish. So sad!!!

yummy grilled cat fish...so nice that we got to order 2 fish...ha!ha!
Grilled pork neck meat
Fried chicken wings

Best tom yam soup in town as not so spicy
For more details on where to shop and eat, you can refer to my previous blog under Bangkok trip in 2011. You can check out where to EAT and SHOP.

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