Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Trip to Yangshou, Foshan, Shunde, Guongzhou

Visited Foshan, Shunde, Yangshou - near Guangzhou and Guongzi province in China.
Foshan is famous for Wong fei hung and IP man. Visited the memorial Hall but nothing much exhibit on both of them.  And I don't see alot of Martial arts training centre. Ha! Ha!
Maybe can learn wing Chun.

Shunde is quite a big city and is quite develop. Those restaurant are porch and with great ambience. You can find any food there whether french, Italian, Sichuan, wunan and etc.
You must visit Chiam Long safari zoo and is amazing. You can see panda, giraffe, koala, antveater, hornbills and many more. This is the best park I ever visit. Well managed and good landscape and environment for the animals. The animals shows are great and interactive.

Yangshou is one hour from Guilin. We took high speed train which took us 2 hours from Guangzhou south station.  Yangshou gas beautiful scenery surrounded with mountains and caves. We even watch Impression of Lau Sam Jie directed by Zhang Yi Mou.  600 crews perform in this show. Worth to see and highly recommended.
The boutique hotel that we stay was great, room was big with huge bathroom. We only pay RMB280 per nite due to low period.  Our view from our balcony is amazing, facing mountains and river.  Also food are great. I never like to eat fish in China as always got alot of bones. This trip we had fish everyday. Here famous for beer fish. Highly recommended. Yangshou famous for yam, tofu, loh hon ko, longan, dry pessimons.

I had a great trip this round with my best friends and we even had great time celebrating Christmas. We went to Wilber's for French fine dining at Guangzhou. Food was great. This is the best Christmas celebration I ever had with my best friend which I known them for more than 20 years. You guys are the greatest friends. Is not easy to have a great friendship and 20 years is really a long time. I truly cherished this friendship.

Will share more pictures since pictures tells a thousand words.

Deep fried buffalo milk at Shunde

Wong fei hung memorial hall at Foshan

Dried pessimons at Yangshou

Shilili boutique hotel in Yangshou

Night view from our balcony at Yangshou

Scenery at Yangshou

Spicy Fish in Yangshou

Silver cave at Yangshou

Restaurant famous for beer fish

Restaurant at Shunde

Restaurant at Shunde

Christmas dinner at Wilber's located in Guongzhou City

Let me shared my Christmas dinner cooked by my best friend. It looks like luxury and porsh restaurant especially the settings.

Homemade fruit cake

Roast goose -German cuisine

Steam ginger buffalo milk famous in Shunde

IP Man Memorial Hall at Foshan

Below are the pictures taken at Chiam Long Safari Park

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