Thursday, April 16, 2009

KL Tower

Brought my friends from Hong Kong to visit KL tower on 10th April 2009. It was raining heavily. I was shock with the entrance tickets to the observation deck. Guess how much is the ticket now? Even malaysians do not get any discount. Ticket price is RM38 which covers observation deck, winter park and mini zoo. Since it was raining heavily and I ask the staff what can we see in the winter park. Do you have a snow house inside like Genting? No snow house is just decoration. Is just lightings and few pathetic snow man and other characters.

The zoo is ok, you see phytons, turtles, monkeys, snakes and others species.

I felt it is too costly just to visit KL Tower. The ministry of tourism should lower the price or offer special discounts to Malaysians. How do you expect us to boost the tourism? If the price remains RM38 I would rather take my friends to Ampang Lookout Point.

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