Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cakes Decoration, Wilton Course 1

Took the Wilton Course 1 on cakes decoration using butter icing on June 20, 2009 till July 11th 2009. Able to learn alot of tips and my classmates are very nice people. Kinda crazy too..ha!ha!

This is the cake that I decorated during my graduation. Those roses are hand made. Each of us got to make at least 30 roses. With the help of my sister, I'm able to complete it. Is not easy, every petals that you create got to follow the steps. Frankly speaking very tired exercise. Therefore do appreciate it when someone gave you cake which is nicely decorated. This cake are meant for viewing and no one will eat cos the icing is too sweet. You can't reduce the icing sugar cos the consistency of the butter icing would not be there. The consistency divided into 3 types - stiff, medium and thin. Stiff is use to create rose petals. Medium use to create clowns, leaves and etc and thin is use f

Aren't this roses beautiful....took us quite some time to create it.

Learn how to create a clown on top of the cup cake. This is really easy, we just need to pump the icing to make the shape of the leg, body and hand. Then just put the clown head on it.

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