Friday, August 21, 2009

Unforgettable trip to Kuala Selangor

This happen few years ago where we went to Kuala Selangor for a day trip. We visited Bukit Melawati where those days you can drive your car all the way up to see the light house. We had our dinner at Assam Jawa Restaurant ( according to my friend already closed down). They serve the best coconut prawns.

Kuala Selangor is the place where you can witness the sights of millions of fireflies. You need to take a boat ride along Selangor River there the fireflies inhibit around the branches of berembang trees along the riverbank.

We went to Bukit Belimbing ( to see the fireflies instead of Kampung Kuantan. Of cos Kampung Kuantan is more adventure and romantic cos is a sampan ride. The sampan can only take 4 pax. Since i got 10 person with me so decided to take them to Bukit Belimbing where they ride on a proper boat which can accomodate max 12 pax and better safety.

The fireflies is like flashing christmas lights. Is really beautiful and you cannot imagine such a small insect can do wonders. Everyone was amazed with the flashing fireflies and you can hear " look at right, more fireflies there", wow so beautiful and etc.......very noisy group.

After 20 mins journey of enjoying the fireflies, suddenly we saw something flooding on the river and we thought was some woods or rubbish. My mom kept insist the boat man to turn back to the jetty. My mom and my aunt sat in front of the boat and kept asking what is the "thing" floating. We said nothing la, just some plank woods floating. We are seating at the back therefore we could see something submerge but can't really see what is it. We know the river got crocodile but never strike our mind.We decided to ask the boat man what is that. He said, please keep quiet, this is our member. Then we realized the thing we are talking about is CROCODILE. We quietly wear our life jacket and start holding each other hand. Suddenly everyone was quiet, TOTAL SILENCE compared 20 mins ago. Praying hard that my aunt would not shout else everyone will get hurt cos the crocodile is just next to our boat. I can see the head submerge to the water. Normally the journey is about 30-45 mins but we took more than an hour to go upstream so that we would not meet the crocodile when we are back.

We finally reach the jetty and everyone was asking each other, what did you see.... you can see that they just want to go home and want to leave this place ASAP. No one ever dare to mention what they saw. My friend face was pale and not even a word from her. She is really scared. Anyway we really thank GOD that we are safe and alive. Crocodile is just the beginning.

Is time to go home, my sister lead the way and we kept driving and suddenly we realised we are LOST. We can't see any signboards. And is around midnight, left and right is jungle,total darkness and misty. Handphone got no signal and we dunno where we are. This is the first time we get lost after so many times to Kuala Selangor. Both car stop side by side to discuss what shall we do, should we just go straight or turn back. So we decided to turn back. We saw a mamak store and everyone came down to the car to relax, change driver and then ask the owner for direction. The owner said just follow the road, turning back is too far. So we got no choice but to just take the same road, after half an hour journey, we saw one car coming towards us and everyone was so happy. We saw lights and we are on the right track. Everyone in the car was praying to GOD for safety and direction. We took the wrong turn and ended up to Rawang. We reached home at 1am, everyone was tired and scared after all the incidents. 1st we saw crocodile next to our boat, 2nd we get lost middle of no way.
Only next day we decided to speak that CROCODILE that we saw and the answer is YES.

An unforgettable trip for my family, cousins and friends. None of us visited Kuala Selangor after the incident. We did not even mention Kuala Selangor in any of our day trip now. It use to be my favourite spot. Well, i heard from my friend that now you can take the mini train up to Bukit Melawati, Pasir Penambang is very clean now. I used to buy fish paste and seafood there. Guess is time to pay a visit after so many years.


  1. Hi, I came across your blog while searching for HK info. Your blog is full of info I need to know. Thanks. Seeing your Kuala Selangor post, now I know that it's not my imagination seeing a crocodile beside our boat 4 years ago! Gosh, I didn't know that the river have crocs in it!

  2. Thanks Fraulein. Hope you find the HK info useful. FYI, Is not worth getting a day pass for Octopus (HK MRT).

  3. I just came back from a most refreshing swim at the fireflies river but didn't meet any crocs