Friday, August 28, 2009

Fungus Cake provided by NOEL

Today is my friend birthday and he received a cake specially delivered to him from NOEL.
After all the birthday songs, cake cutting ceremony and everyone wants to eat this delicious Caramel Banana Cake.

Look what they found in the cake. Fungus in the cake and refer to the pictures below.

Well of cos he is mad and the buyer contacted NOEL, guess what is the reply. The cake is not supply by NOEL but our partner. Well, don't you think NOEL is so irresponsible. You should have quality check on your partner. This will really affect NOEL in terms of branding.

Anyway I used to order my gifts and cake from NOEL, I decided to use other gift sites.
Is it so embarrassed. To my friend it is a memorable gift from NOEL as he is a loyal customer with NOEL for the last 10 years. Guess he would not ever order anything from NOEL...

Is time for NOEL to provide service recovery. To retain a customer is more difficult than to acquired new customer. Especially for some one who is with your company for 10 years.

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