Monday, November 29, 2010

Paint Ball Game at MAPACC

27th November 2010, Saturday, 9.30am arrived to MAPACC (Malaysian Paint Ball Academy) at Petaling Jaya. Enter via Tun Hussein Onn Eye Specialist. The place is located at ASTAKA Sports building. Quite difficult to find a parking bay. You can view the location at :-,101.646473&spn=0.01112,0.019205&z=16

Suprised to see so many teenagers playing paint ball and was shock that they were not wearing any vest for protection. Looking the way they shoot each other with near distance, it was scary and painful.  I questioned Wei, why they teenagers are not wearing any protection gear, well their paint ball pressure is very low therefore the gear mask is sufficient. Is up to the individual to wear the vest .

Our briefing starts at 10.30am by Wei. First we got to sign a form to declare that anything happens to us we would not make MAPACC liable for it..some sort of death liability. 

Then follow on the protection gear - we should wear the gear mask all the time and also the vest. Most of the guys tried to be HERO and not to wear the vest.ha!ha! After one game, you will know how important is the VEST. We refer the gun as MARKER. We need to ensure the safety button is off when we finish the game and before we enter to the war zone.

We divided ourself into 4 teams since we got 20 people. Each team got 5 person. The rule to win is that one of the team mate got to run to the opposite gate and touches it. Is very difficult and dangerous task to do.
We entered to the wall zone and the referee gave us another briefing. We got to test our marker by shooting few palettes. Then we get in to our ready position and run to the nearest sheild and start shooting.

I got shot on the head and leg, it was painful.  Guess paint ball is not my cup of tea. It is an experience and make sure you can endure the pain. 

If you keen to have a paint ball game among your frens, you can contact the following person :-

WY Wei @ +6016-332 3372 or +6012-337 0775

Sofian @ +6016-332 3337

YP Wong @ +6016-332 3370 or +6019-983 3370

KK @ +6019-318 7266

Visit mapacc web site at

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