Friday, November 19, 2010

Prawn Fishing

Prawn fishing is back again after so many years. This time is not in the shop lots.
You can fish prawns or cat fish. They served food and you can also do your own bbq.  Surrounded with landscape and greeneries.  Per hour is only RM15 and normally we will spend at least two hours there and it cost you RM27.

Tried fishing at night but did not get any sad!! Even told the owner to replenish prawns in to the pond. Guess is just my luck. A 3 year old boy also able to catch few prawns.  Is really not easy as it looks. Got tactic to it.  The lady who sat opposite me kept getting prawns every 10 minutes. Really embarrassed.
Well, at the end the boss gave me 5 prawns to bring home....ha!ha!

This place is not even outskirt. Is located in Klang Valley. This place is known as Tropicana Prawn Fishing, is the row of nursery near Tropicana. Is behind Jaya Groccers and Water Lily. 

There are golden rules when comes to prawn fishing - never be late and never bring a jinx with you .ha!ha!  This rules are from the PRAWN LOSERS....ha!ha!  Paid RM27 and FISH 0 prawns...sob...sob....

No worries will try again......this time will try to fish in the 10-11am onwards according to the regulars...ha!ha!

After 1 week - the result is the same....
Well tried at 11am, also did not able to catch one prawn. The boss is very nice, he thought us the technique and help us to fish for prawn.  The technique is that you got to move your bait cos you can't wait for the prawn to look for you, you got to look for prawns by moving the bait.

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