Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cow sketch art -part 1

Here are some of the cow sketches that i drew during my 5 weeks of bed rest. All the moo art has it own stories and based on my real life experience.

moo quote : think positive and act positive

We work as a part timer to sell shoes in the bazaar  while waiting  to enter university. We go everywhere and do things together.
 Guys, u r the greatest and i always remember  our days together.
We celebrated  my best friend  birthday  in our uni hostel. 1st we sang moo day song and then my friend starts  to pour entire  dough  on bday boy head. Took him 2 weeks  to wash off the flour from his head. Till  now he still  want his revenge!!!
Forcing my best friend to eat durian . ..he can only shout for help and kept scolding  us Crazy cow...ha.ha

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