Monday, June 22, 2015

Moo arty

This is the true story  about myself. I was playing badminton and i torn my calf  muscle.  I got to wear a semi cast to immobilize my leg. This is my worst time in my life and really demotivated. Doctor said i need at least 5-6 weeks to recover. I got to be bed rest at least 4 weeks. I can only visit the washroom and my bedroom only.  I can't  do anything and i need to depend on my family  to take care of me from all aspect.  I feeling what a paralysed or handicap patient feels. It is hopeless and feeling very down. A simple thing going to washroom also need to depend  on people. Start  appreciate every simple thing in life , when you lost it you only will feel the pain.
I started  sketching using  cow art  to communicate my action and feelings.  I really lucky to have my best friends who visited me during  this period  to cheer  me up and also chat with me on daily basis to ensure I'm OK and things will be back to normal again.   Now is the 8th week and i still could not drive to work and im very lucky to have friends that i can rely to send me home.  I cant wait to walk like a normal person and i can start my sport activities  again.  During this  5 weeks it makes me realise alot of things that  you must appreciate the people arounds u and every little things that we take it for granted such as shower, walking and etc. Im glad that  my best friends cheer me up on daily basis and even motivate me to be positive even though they are far away from me.  No one will understand  the feelings and all the things  I went thru during this few weeks of nightmare.  Alot  of my friends  said you should  take this time to rest since you always have an hectic schedule. Trust me i still prefer  my hectic schedule. Every day you wait for emails or messages  from friends  and you do not want to disturb  them from their hectic schedule or u wonder hmmm who is free to chat  with me that you can pass your time faster. Frankly speaking  i seldom watch any movie or drama during  this period. NO MOOD !!

Let me story what does my moo arts means

it all started  during a badminton  game. My calf muscle torn n i could not walk
everyday i can only work from home, resting on my bed
when i need to see the doctor , this is the only way to climb the staircase  by pushing  my butt. Is really tiring.
lucky my best fren brought  me a walker n i can use it at the washroom. I duno how to use crutches as i need to hop  since my leg is on cast
the only exercise  i can do is only lifting weight  using my hand..sob. sob..

Special food delivery  from my best friend.

I also  watch youtube on tips to shower when your leg is being cast. How to avoid  from being wet?  Answer, put yr leg inside the big garbage bag  n then wrap a tshirt on yr leg. Then tie the garbage  bag using towel.

Till now i yet to have fully recover  and thank GOD that i have  great family who are willing  to be my personal butler and of cos my family  ban me from playing badminton. Also i have a bunch of  great friends who came to provide moral support and accompany me during  this pathetic  period even though  with their  busy schedule. Really appreciate  it. And of cos i miss my reunion trip with my best friends. Sob..sob..

Life is short and start appreciate  your love ones and true friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed.  They are willing  to go the extra mile just for you. And of cos I torture  them with my moo art!!!

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