Thursday, August 21, 2008


I got my free tickets from Air Asia to Bali and eventhou is free still need to pay RM175 for surcharge. Anyway is really cheap. Therefore i can afford to stay at 5 star resort. We stay at Bali Mandara Spa and Resort which is located at Legian. Is not really far from Kuta. The room is big and overall is very clean. I'm very particular on cleanliness.

This is my second time to Bali. If you really want to shop for handicrafts, pantings, clothes and etc, you should visit Sukawati. This place is the cheapest and if you are joining tour, i dont think is included in your itinery.

For food, you can try to eat at Ibu Okra where they serve babi guling @ roast pork. The cost for one person is RM8 excluding drink. They serves the roast pork with rice and vegetables. Another place is bebek benggil @ roast duck near ubud. I saw this place in the magazine but did not get a chance to try it. If you want to have nice seafood and great environment meaning facing the sea, you can go to Jimbaran. We had our dinner at Bumbu Bali Restaurant. At the sea front, there is a store selling corn, you should give it a try.

For water sports, we visited Tanjung Benua and we only pay RM40 per person to visit the turtle santuary and to view corals on the boat fibre glass. My sisters went for para-sailing and is so cheap, only RM20 per person. I'm too scared to try.

It is best that you hired a driver and van to move around.

I definitely will visit Bali again.

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