Friday, August 15, 2008

Places to visit - Chiang Mai, Thailand

chianChiang Mai situated in Thailand is a very nice and cool place to visit. If you are looking for household decorated items, this is the place that you should come to shop. Make sure you bring a huge bag with you.

Stay at Central Duangtawan Hotel, 4 stars hotel and is very convenient. Just less than 5 mins walk from the hotel is the night market where you can find clothes, food, art pieces, jewellery, handicraft and etc. Mcdonald and Starbuck is also around the corner.

Places we visited are Doi Suthep, 45 mins from the city. We took tut-tut and is so dusty all the way. Doi Suthep is a beautiful temple. Once you reach there you got to walk up the staircase, is really a lot of steps, more than Batu Caves.

We had our dinner at Riverside, mostly serve thai and western food. The environment was ok.
The next day we booked our van cum driver to take us around. We went to see the long neck tribe and is really far from the city. Entrance fees is RM35 per person and you able to see few of the ladies with long neck and they sell scarfs and handicrafts. The hand made scarfs are quite cheap range from RM10 till RM35 depends on the quality. This time our tour guide took us for an authentic thai cuisine and their furniture settings uses teak wood. The place is known as Tham Nam Restaurant and is also next to the river. The food was great and the price was really cheap. Highly recommended place.

Restaurant :-
Aunthentic Thai food
Tha nam restaurant
TELEPHONE: (66 53) 282 988, 275 125. 276 179,FAX: (66 53) 275 125

Palaad Tawanrom Restaurant - Must book in advanced, for great night view.
Palaad Tawanron" offers a waterfall, a lake plus incredible views so special from every angle.

Enough of sight seeing, we want shopping. We went to Bandawai which is 45mins from the city near the airport road. Do not go this place on a sunday cos most of the shop closed. You can get really good quality of handicraft and art pieces. I bought a wooden horse and only RM15 where you can't find it in Malaysia. We also bought a wooden horse crafting and is only RM100. We bought this at the factories towards bandawai market. The market is huge. Therefore prepare to walk and if you are thirsty you can drink coconut water. We spent whole day in Bandawai.

Our tour guide took us to few factories and guess what i bought home. Wooden salad bowl which is so big and heavy. It only cost me RM25. I just bought it first and don't bother about how to carry it home. When we reach hotel, we need to start packing our stuff and too many things that we bought and lucky we got boxes from the factory and also bubbles wrap that we brought along. So remember to bring bubbles wrap, musking tape and scissors if you are planning to buy handicrafts.

We got to said goodbye to Chiang Mai and definitely we will come again. Maybe next round we should go Chiang Rai or Mae Hong Sun.

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