Thursday, August 21, 2008

Siam Reap, Cambodia

Visited Siam Reap on March 2008. I booked my air tickets via Air Asia and then book my ground tour via Sunway Travel. This is the best tour i ever join with no complaints from anyone in the group. We had 10 of us and I requested a 25 seater bus. The food that the travel agent provided was great. We able to try all the local food, chinese food, fine indo-china cuisine and international buffet at Angkor Mondial. Angkor Mondial serves international buffet and you able to watch their cultural dance performance.
My friend recommend me to try Herbs Pizza near Pumpkin street. So while having our lunch next door, i ordered Herbs Pizza, the pizza was ok and we wonder why this pizza is so special. Well, I would not tell you why until you experience yourself. ha!ha!

We visitied Angkor Wat and others temples within the city, the architecture was so amazing. Certain area is like a war zone where pieces of rocks is on the floor and the architect is trying to built it back to its original. Is a huge puzzle to play around with and furthermore the rocks is so heavy. The architect got to make sure every pieces of the rock matches otherwise it will fall. I must said I must salute this people and their job is really not easy.

Royal Bath

Angkor Wat

We stay at Casa Angkor Hotel, 3 star hotel at the town area. Prince hotel is just behind and there is a casino inside the hotel. You can eat and drink beer or coke for FREE as long you gamble. We only play the slot machines but only won USD2..ha!ha!

 Casa Angkor Hotel

Massage is totally different from Thai Massage. Continuously two days we went for massage, we were tired walking to all the temples. Trust me, first day you will enjoy seeing angkor wat and other temples. Later you will said ...urrrrr seeing ROCK again......aiyoh......

We visited Kbal Splean which is quite far from angkor wat. The road was dusty and the guide told us that we going to have our lunch at the hut. All of us said the road is so dusty and muddy, you sure we going to eat there. Especially me i'm very particular on the cleanliness. I told my friends is ok, you guys can have lunch there, cos i got my TUNA SPREAD...ha!ha! To our surprise the hut was very clean and in fact this is the best place for local food. We able to try Amok which is some sort of fish with santan. Of cos i did not able to eat my Tuna Spread. So don't judge a book by its cover.

Back to Kbal Splean, we need to walk at least 45 minutes up hill to see the thousand lingas. Linga means male pennis. Those lingas are crafted on the stone at the river. Unfortunately is a dry season so we can't see the water flowing on the river but we able to see the crafted lingas and statues very clear. Cos most of the tour will visit Tonle Sap Lake but according to friends nothing to see there beside a huge lake and a seafood restaurant.
 Thousan Linga's at Kbal Splean. Linga's mean penis. Look at the picture clearly
Kbal Splean
As for souvenirs, we did not buy anything cos everything mostly are from Thailand. Everything is in USD. If you wish to buy anything always remember to negotiate more than 30-50%.

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