Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Went to Japan for 8 days and follow Apple Vacation Tour. I must said Apple Vacation tour to JAPAN is the best. Food and accomodation was great. But do not join their tour to Beijing.

Took a night flight and arrived Japan in the morning and straightaway we went to Tokyo Disneyland. We spend whole day and we only able to visit It's a SMALL WORLD and Sleeping Beauty attraction. Other times we spent chasing cartoon characters e.g. mickey mouse, minnie, chip and dale and etc. Of cos we shop for disney souvenirs.

Stay over nite at one of the hotel at Mt Fuji , so sad we did not able to see Mt Fuji due to the weather. Our guide is so funny and he show us the Mt Fuji picture and ask us to stand at the peak there and see the picture, this is how Mt Fuji looks pathetic. We enjoy shopping at the shops located at the peak. We bought grill squid to was delicious.

Visited Ginza, Shinjoku and we even try the best Ramen shop in town. Every thing in Japan is about Vending Machine. Even to order a bowl of ramen, you got to order via the vending machine. So prepare for small notes. Ginza sells all the high-street brand.

Went to Universal Studio and we able to went for all the rides. E.g Spiderman, Back to Future, Jurassic Park and etc. You must try their turkey drumstick. Bought a dinossour and ET tumbler, so cute. Even thou is expensive but worth it. You can also collect those popcorn case....different stores sell different character. Yeap we also shop till we drop at the souvenir shop. Remind us when we are kids.

Took a bullet train to one station to have the feel of sitting in the bullet train. One station cost us RM50.

We visited few temples and outside of temples definitely got stores for you to shop. As usual we shop alot until our tourmates ask us to recommend what to buy.

Even they drop us at one of the shopping centre and we bought quite a number of BANDAI toys, Thomase the was so cheap.

The best thing is that we got to get empty boxes and put our stuff in cos our luggage is fulled. People said JAPAN things are so expensive and you would not buy. I think they are wrong....Even i bought Hisamitsu Salopas and the quality is really different from KL. Now whenever my friend goes TOKYO, i will always ask them to buy Hisamitsu for me. Ha!Ha!

Food was great and even i took rice for breakfast. I really miss it. I did not have any stomach problem when i was in JAPAN. Guess JAPAN really suits me and i don't mind going again.

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