Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Follow tour to Korea for 8 days. Friends always recommend to go to Che Ju Island, so called Asian Hawaii. Therefore the tour that i joined must go Che Ju Island.

When we arrive to SEOUL, we went to Che Ju Island. I was really dissapointed, where is the place that everyone said must go, ASIAN Hawaii, all koreans will go to Che Ju Island for their honeymood....this place must be paradise. Unfortunately not....the place is quite dirty and you see rocks most of the time. They took us to a park which you see mostly rocks and trees....well for while you will like it but 2 hours there is really waste of time. There is a road which known as ghost road. We did a test and the bus driver off the engine and eventually the bus will go up the hill. Basically is about gravity.

We left Che Ju and went to SEOUL. Places visit are Lotte World and we able to watch the in door parade. The costume, the floral float was amazing. No way we can do this in KL. The next destination was Everland Theme Park. We did not have sufficient time to finish all the rides and attraction even thou we spend one day in the park.

As for shopping sites are Dongtaemon and Itaewon. None of us able to buy anything at the area. They took us to one of the shop where they sell imitation bags e.g. prada , LV and etc. Once you enter to the shop you are not allow to exit until everyone finished. Is a hidden shop that you need to enter via few hidden doors.

As for breakfast, every day we had abalone and anchovies porridge. Lunch and dinner, most of the time we had bbq pork, lamb or ginseng chicken and of cos kim chi.

Overall Korea is ok.

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