Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We bought air asia tickets to Kuching during air asia 0 fares. Took 3 days 2 nites, stay at Hilton Hotel. The hotel is quite run down even though is 5 star hotel. We were dissapointed. Even the breakfast that they serve was cold. How can a five star hotel serve cold dish, where is their quality control? Cold porridge, cold noodles and etc. We could not eat and therefore we told our tour guide Felicia to bring us for local noodle e.g. kon loh mee.

We were so happy that our guide cum driver is as crazy as all of us get along very well. She took us to Semelok to see Orang Hutan and Sarawak Cultural Village. We spent one day at Sarawak Cultural Village and we really took alot of pictures. Bunch of crazy people just came out from the jungle...ha!ha!

We had seafood dinner at CAR PARK, the hawker stores is located at the car park area. The food is ok and quite pricey. We did not order any crabs....ha!ha!

We shop at the street opposite the esplanade where you can get souvenirs.
Felicia took us to a place where you can buy BIRD NEST....only one of my friend bought....cos others scared of bird flu...hee..hee....

We also stop by at a bakery shop which is recommended by Felicia. We bought alot of moon cakes and biscuits home. Their mooncake is different from KL.

Since is our birthday therefore we requested FELICIA to bring us to a chinese restaurant where they serve good food and we also invited her to join us. The food was great, we really order alot. Even thou we did not drink any wines or beer but everyone was so high....and starting to talk nonsense. Luckily the captain of the restaurant gave us a room cos we were so noisy. Guess everyone was so stress at work. I must said everyone enjoy this trip. Sorry I can't remember the restaurant name.

Well, if you want to go to Kuching, let me know and i will give you Felicia contact. She is the best tour guide we ever had.

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