Thursday, May 28, 2009

ATV Ride

Went for ATV ride at Kemensah Waterfall behind Zoo Negara.
We took the package - ATV 2 hours off-road ride to the awesome Ulu Kelang Dam for only RM150. Our instructor MAS train us how to operate and control the ATV outside their office. It was easy controlling it on a flat land.

6 of us went for this adventure. We always want to try something new. We have no problem going up the hill. You just got to go all the way up without pressing the break.
We reach one steep hill and one by one will go up. The instructor will wait for us on top of the hill.
So when comes to my turn, I lost control and hit on the side of the slope and was holding on to the ATV, waiting for my friends to rescue me. The instructor came running down and he told me, you love my ATV bike very much that you still holding on to it. My pose is like superman pose, both hands straight. I was lucky that i'm still alive that the ATV did not fall on me.

Since my friends and sister saw my situation, we decided to take a break.

So my instructor seek my guy friend help to drive the ATV down. He nearly lost control and lucky he able to make it. Else we see him flying to the ravine. We were standing there wathching and kept shouting his name. Too panic and frighten. Really dunno what to said.

Below is our instructor taking his break, he needs a cigarette badly after what he saw.Guess we gave him high blood and heart attack.

After long discussion with our instructor, we decided to give up and we are not even half way to the dam. Too scared to continue the journey.
We are lucky to be alive..ha!ha!
We are not suppose to take this package as we don't even know how to control the bike, this package is more for professional.
Is a life time experience and if you dare to take the challenge, you should try.
Just that we are not fit for this kind of adventure...ha!ha!
You can visit their web site at
Contact : MELIZA , 019-3407895

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