Thursday, May 28, 2009

Travel Insurance

Finally we got our compensation from Air Asia, this is due to flight delay in Bandung which we waited for more than 7 hours. We got 500,000 rupiah which is equivalent RM170 e-voucher. We got to utilised the voucher by end August. Voucher only valid for 3 months. Do we still want to fly Air Asia? Just to utilised this voucher...gosh!!! Got to think twice. I rather pay more to travel MAS or SIA.

We bought travel insurance and according to the policy we can claim if the flight delay more than 7 hours onwards. Yeap, we can claim up to RM300 but the insurance company insisted that we get an email from Air Asia stating that the flight is delay even thou we got the Air Asia voucher. We been calling Air Asia Customer Service and email to their guest support services. Till now no reply from them. Some more Dato Tony Fernandes send enews stating Airasia has improved their customer service and it will provide excellence service. I doubt it.

So in future is better to buy Air Asia insurance directly to avoid the claim hassle. I don't know whether we will get our RM300. Anyway submitted all the documents and just wait for the good news.

Each time you travel, is best to buy travel insurance to cover your medical expenses.

Now credit cards do not provide any more claims for flight delay. sigh.....

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