Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bandung, Indonesia

Took air asia to bandung and flight is almost 2 hours. Time difference in bandung is 1 hour. We stay at Aston Bandung Hotel and Residence. The room was ok. Staff very friendly.
We visited Musuem and spent most of the time shopping at Rumah Mode. According to our guide Lucy and Win Win, Bandung got 40 factory outlets and majority own by few owners. So certain places you will see the same things.

You should only shop at the following places and don't waste other time visiting other factory outlets.
a. Secret
b. Rumah Mode
c. Heritage
d. Renarati (opposite secret)

Grande, Espisode at Jln Dago nothing much. Hardly can get any stuff there.

Places to eat :-
a. The Valley - bistro cafe & Resort Hotel
Jln Lembah Pakar Timur 28 (Dago), Bandung
Tel : (022) 2511450
Please remember to make reservation first. Weekends always fully booked.
The Valley serve western food and price start from RM17 onwards. A beautiful night scene and can view entire bandung from the peak. Picture below is mix grill...yummy!!

b. Tomodachi
Jalan Sukajadi No. 193 Bandung 40162
Tel : (022) 2036755
Tomodachi served western food - must try their beef chowder and mix grill. Don't bother their teriyaki set. Western food is still the best.

c. Bebek Van Java Restaurant
Lombok 47, Bandung 40114
Tel : 022 76751777
Famous for bebek. Bebek means duck.

d. Rumah Stroberi
Jalan Cigugur Girang No.145
Parongpong Kabupaten Bandung
Tel: 022 91144272
Must try their strawberry juice. You can't find it in KL. Their grill fish is very nice compare to their fried chicken. At the same time you can visit the strawberry farm. Their entire concept is very nice. Highly recommend.

e. Kampung Daun Cafe @ Lembang
The food is quite nice, famous among tourist. Surround by nature and also man made waterfall. About 1 hour journey from city. The road are very bumpy. Food that you could try are :-
a. kampung daun special steam rice
b. grilled chicken with honey
c. mie tektek (we did not able to try this, according to the guide is very nice)
As for their dessert we try sekoteng, bandrek, bajigur and i still prefer their boji tea @ local tea. Others are too sweet or taste weird.

f. d'palm sundanese restaurant - sorry did not take their name card. The environment looks nice and did not try their food as i was having severe food poisoning.
Jalan Lombok No.45
Tel : 022-4261623

g. Kartika Sari - this is the place where you can buy snacks e.g. steam brownies, layer cakes, bagelan (bread with butter - very nice)

h. Duck King at Paris Van Java Mall
Since the branch in Jaya One is always pack, therefore we decided to try Duck King. Not as nice as i thought, too salty. The price is similar to KL price.

We visited Tangkuban Perahu and we enjoyed the scenic view of the crater. This volcano is still active. You can shop alot of things there. I bought a wooden craft cow...ha!ha! Make sure you negotiate. You can get fried tofu and tofu snacks on the way to Tangkuban Perahu. Refer to below map.

I got severe food poisoining and luckily our guide Win Win send me to hospital for injection. The hospital is a training ground for the medical student. Yes, i'm really shock and scared and luckily i know what injection i needed. They are helpful and friendly. It only cost me RM30 for doctor consultation fees and medication. Is really cheap. What a day?? The worst yet to come.

Our flight suppose to be at 3.25pm and we waited till 10.40pm bandung time only got flight. The flight from Singapore to =Bandung was cancel due to technical error. Therefore no air plane to bring us home. First annoucement came in at 6pm saying that delay until further notice and hopefully the rescue flight will be here at 10pm. Then 7.30pm, food is served. We got 1 packet of rice and 1 pcs of KFC chicken, indonesian style of eating KFC. I was sick therefore the airasia crew "Three" was very nice , he serve me milo and noodle soup. He is very patience with all of us. Finally 10pm is here, the flight is delay and will be here by 10.40pm. We waited and finally it came...All of us are glad to go home. The airport departure hall is too small and stuffy. The airconditioned is like not working.You can see people sleeping on the floor. Is like we are in the refugee camp. We reached LCCT, KL at 2.40am. Can you imagine how long we suffer in the airport?

I definitely would not fly AIR ASIA , i dont mind paying more to fly MAS or other reputable airlines. 7 hours for flight delay is too much.

If you planning to go bandung, you should spend more time on sightseeing rather on shopping. We were there for 4 days 3 nights and only spend 1 day on sight seeing. Too tiring to shop too many days.

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