Friday, May 15, 2009

What's next?

Shifted to new office in March. Everytime we shift office sure someone is sick. This time is the worst. One of my staff got chicken pox, one got high fever and another admitted to hospital twice. As for me, suppose to admit to hospital for stomach bacteria, need to go for injection and drip and ended up still surviving. I wonder how long can I last. Must pray really hard that all this will end soon. So that my department will be lively again. Now entire department is so quiet and everyone is so worry, who's next?

The staff that admitted to hospital got fever for 2 weeks, doctor suspected dengue and after blood test shows normal. Now two specialist is seeing her and the specialist said is more complicated than swine flu. Got to run thorough check on her e.g. mri scan, ct scan, x-ray, bladder, kidney and etc. Hope she is ok. Wonder what kind of virus is this that is so strong.

Today ,15th May 2009 announced first swine flu in Malaysia. The guy just came back from United States and staying at Sg Buloh Hospital.

Is it a cycle? First came JE, follow by SARS and now SWINE FLU. I wonder what's next.

Economy is already bad and with all this FLU it definetely affect the tourism industry.

Hopes all this will end ASAP. Let's start praying to GOD for good health. Also pray hard that all my staff have speedy recovery.

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